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Indocafe wanted to become the first choice of instant coffee among the Millenials.  So it had to rejuvenate its brand image and adjust the approach to fit the target market.

To win the Gen Y and Gen Z’s heart share, we put forward the idea of "Unity in Perfection of Flavor" in accordance with the aspiration of the generation to make use of collaboration to achieve excellence, as Indocafe Cappuccino is a perfect blend of coffee, milk, creamer, sugar and chocolate granule.  We use #SATUYANGSEMPURNA as a continuation of Numero Uno.


WOW Komunindo

Using Digital Mobile media such as JOOX, Indocafe successfully grab the Millennials through this trending medium for them in getting the information and entertainment.

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Site of The Day
WOW Komunindo
Site of The Day
Site of The Day
WOW Komunindo
Site of The Day
WOW Komunindo