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Cosmos Rice cooker had no unique benefit in the midst of competitors. But research found that "pulen" is the most important characteristics of a good rice.  This gave us a solid inside to find the right solution.

Research found that consumers having difficulties in recalling the term “Magicap”, the steam exhaust mechanism that induces “pulen” rice.  Therefore we created a down-to-earth keyword to replace the term by "Tongolan" that has intrigued customer's mind and triggered sales.


WOW Komunindo

Within eight weeks of TVC airing, advertising recall had resulted in product stock-out.  The more common local term “Tongolan” eventually proven to be adopted and created a positive impression.  Many competitors duplicated this WOW idea in their packaging afterward.

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Site of The Day
WOW Komunindo
Site of The Day
Site of The Day
WOW Komunindo
Site of The Day
WOW Komunindo